The question of digital transaction is no longer when, rather how.

ePero®START REMOTE SIGN solution is a useful alternative to technologically more demanding solutions that require carry-on personal qualified certificate. ePero® is cloud based central signing solution, where all your remote signing documents are available to you on the network.

ePero®START solution enables you to sign internal documents (e.g. employee contracts, statements, travel orders, …), as well as all external documents (e.g. NDA’s, contracts, handover records, work and service orders, purchase orders, invoices, delivery notes, GDPR statements, …).

Advantages of using the ePero®START REMOTE SIGN solution

  • Available 24/7, you only need an internet connection to use the solution.
  • The paper-based signing process which can take up to several days, now takes less than a minute. Fast signing processes give you more time to focus on your core business.
  • The entire process from the preparation of the document to its distribution is exclusively electronic, so you avoid:
    • the cost of buying printer supplies,
    • the cost of buying paper,
    • costs of physical document archive,
    • the cost of subsequent digitization of signed documentation,
    • physical distribution costs (postal costs).
  • The solution is in accordance with the European eIDAS regulation as well as with local legislation.
  • The ePero® solution allows signing with or without a personal qualified certificate. Remote document signing is also suitable for users who do not want to worry about or do not manage additional technical means of e-signing (e.g. qualified digital certificate). Documents can also be signed remotely using the ePero®START e-identity.

Who can benefit from using ePero®START REMOTE SIGN solution?

The solution is intended for companies of all sizes who want to use remote signing for different types of documents. Transferring documents for remote signing to customers, suppliers or business partners is fast, secure and reliable.

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