The Challenges of Remote Business? Not with SETCCE ePero® Remote Sign!

Currently we are in an extraordinary (pandemic) environment, faced with the necessity of continuing usual business activities under special conditions. The work environment has been relocated to work from home, meetings are minimized and conducted through digital channels, customer contact takes place only if absolutely necessary, the focus is on protecting employees and clients. Formerly very simple processes have now become an operational challenge, requiring solutions that will ensure adequate business process performance from start to finish in safe conditions. By partnering with SETCCE, renowned DTM (Digital Transaction Management) vendor in the region, we can provide solutions that will help you overcome these challenges.

ePero® is a comprehensive solution for integrating electronic signature (handwritten on sign-pad or remote signature by click) into any business process. It is intended for accepting electronic signatures and incorporating them in various forms of documents that arise in different business processes (invoices, business contracts, financial transactions, loan agreement, rescheduling and restructuring contracts, insurance policies, etc.). It also provides remote video identification, which greatly helps to rapidly expand the portfolio of new clients in the EU zone by digital onboarding and makes it unnecessary for clients to come to the branches in order to obtain an electronic identity.
Under normal conditions, the implementation of electronic document signing, in addition to a reduced workflow and paper savings, also contributes to avoid misuses and errors. Today, in the time of a pandemic and necessary social distancing, this solution overcomes the main obstacle that occurs in all business processes – obtaining a handwritten signature.
ePero® solution enables paperless internal and external processes with clients and business partners, and provides completely secure contactless business. It is fully legally compliant with extremely fast implementation and return of investment.

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