What about Debt Collections?

The new Covid-19 virus poses many challenges for banks when it comes to classic collections operations. We are looking for options that will ensure the sustainability of the business, to protect employees, help banks with implementation of the necessary steps, and at the same time satisfy the user experience of modern clients. A quick adjustment and a quality solution are necessary.

EXUS Collections Self Service (CSS) targets specific customer segments to propose alternative debt settlement options and substantially improves collections results by catering to the online habits of modern debtors. EXUS Collections Self Service helps organizations scale their collections capacity quickly and cost-effectively through an online self-service debt collections tool, especially in the coming period after the pandemic when we can expect increase of inquiries and requests from clients.

The major benefits that organization would enjoy by the implementation of CSS include:

  • A 24×7 service that is available to debtors, but without the necessity of having staff available 24×7
  • All customer interactions are efficient on any device they’re using
  • Convenience of non-intrusive experience for customers and boosting overall customer satisfaction
  • Ability to scale operations without hiring new people or retraining existing ones
  • Reaching more debtors without increasing effort
  • Decreasing the average cost of customer interactions and increasing collect ability

Through using EXUS Collections Self Service organizations have achieved an increase of 40% in the number of Promises-to-Pay obtained and an impressive 110% increase in the ratio of kept Promises-to-Pay, when compared to the bank’s traditional Call Center operation.

The short project period time ensures that EXUS Collections Self Service will be rapidly integrated in the arsenal of the channels that organization is using to contact customers in collections.

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