Omnichannel digital banking

In today’s world, Bank’s are becoming aware of the need for transformation to provide customers with a continuous and unobstructed user experience regardless of the access channel (mobile banking, internet banking, bank branch, bank contact center, third party in accordance with the PSD2 directive …). For all of these channels, the ease of use and attractiveness of the customer service should be ensured, as well as a high level of availability with respect to security aspects.

Infosistem with its long-time partner Unisys offers Elevate as a solution that will successfully overcome all the challenges that the market and competition put in front of you.

With Elevate omnichannel solution you will improve relationships with existing customers, enable customers to expand their portfolio and quickly and painlessly adapt to new market demands. Elevate provides a fully integrated digital experience through rapid business modernization and recognizability in a competitive banking service market, where security remains imperative.

Why do we recommend Elevate as the right and only answer to the challenges you are currently faced with?

Competition on this market is great. The need for rapid adaptation to market conditions is very important. Clients want to do their business as soon as possible and in the simplest way to do what they have to do. They want clear and brief instructions. They want answers right away. They want their demands to be carried out immediately.

Infosistem and Elevate will help you meet these requirements in demanded and shortest possible way.

Elevate can be easily integrated with existing bank systems and can work with existing application channels –  linking it all together to a unique user experience. Implementation is carried out modularly in multiple phases and offers the possibility of integrating additional advanced modules from a series of functional units.

Elevate already has built up customizable biometric and behavioral profiling for secure client authentication based on risk assessment and real-time transaction authentication – all without disturbing user interface simplicity.

It also improves operational and sales efficiency through the use of advanced analytical capabilities while reducing cost at the organization level.

Let’s say you want to trigger a marketing campaign for a product or service you offer. By using Elevate, you are able to carry out advanced analysis of existing (historical) data to help you define the customers that this marketing campaign needs to focus on, as well as the messages that need to be transmitted – all in order to achieve better sales results for specific campaigns.

It is possible to choose an on premise solution or a SaaS cloud solution (private or public) without compromising security aspect.

Below we are offering an example of Elevate omnichannel solution usage.

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