Reportsystem – financial controlling module

Infosistem is developing a modular application that will enable banks to have a significantly better view of their business in a way that they will be able to make faster and better decisions.

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Reportsystem – financial controlling module

Reportsystem is a web application that visualizes statistical and creditworthiness reporting data that each bank registered in the Republic of Croatia submits to the banking market regulator (Croatian National Bank) at predefined time intervals.

The main goal of the Reportsystem application is to support the bank in the field of financial control in a fast, accurate and consistent way.

Basic advantages of the Reportsystem

  • Equalizes inconsistencies between the Bank’s internal and external reporting methodologies.
  • Speed ​​of reporting for MIS (Management Information System) -> management receives reports at the same time as the CNB receives data (no time lag).
  • Multiple cost reduction = improvement in operating profit.
  • Provides the same view of reporting data to the Bank’s management as seen by the supervision of the Croatian National Bank and consequently by the ECB’s supervision.

The application solution takes the structured data of the reporting records and imports them into its own database and presents them on dashboards:

  • Key performance indicators of the bank (for different dates)
  • Profit and loss account (by type of client, time interval, currency, risk, portfolio)
  • Bank balance sheet (by date, by type of client, currency, risk, instrument, type of amount, maturity)
  • Assets (total and per employee)
  • Non-performing loans (NPLs)
  • Due receivables (on date, total, by type of client, by type of receivables, product, currency)
  • Interest income (by type of client, time interval, currency, risk, portfolio)
  • Loans (by type of client, time interval, type of loan, currency, county)
  • Deposits (by type of client, time interval, type of deposit, currency, county)
  • Loan coverage by deposits (for time interval, by client type, currency)
  • RoAA / RoAE (by time interval and quarterly)
  • Restructured placements
  • Average interest rate (only A risk, entire portfolio, by date, type of client, currency, county)

The Reportsystem application solution is installed at the location of the bank’s IT infrastructure and can use its own access rights system or can be connected to the existing access system that exists with the user. We emphasize that the application solution is not in direct correlation with any application within the bank’s IT system.

Basic features

  • Web application
  • Data visualization on interactive interfaces
  • Predetermined reports for bank management
  • Export of displayed data and graphs (xls, cvs, pdf, img)
  • Responsive web design
  • Multilingualism

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