Safety comes first

These days, more than ever, we can say that misfortune never comes alone. While everyone was paying attention and talking about coronavirus and quarantine, Zagreb has suffered the biggest earthquake in the last 140 years. Somehow, under the radar, went, a hacker attack onto one of the biggest Croatian company and an online teaching system. The earthquake damaged several high-profile data centers, which the media vaguely reported. There is no need to continue listing. We cannot influence natural disasters, but the risks they carry must be considered. 

These are not the only cases. If you follow the news from the IT security community, you’ll see headlines such as “Corona antivirus infects victim’s’ computers”, “Interactive maps of coronavirus spread, contain a cyber virus”, “New crypto virus spreads through coronavirus email messages” and similar. 

Due to all these facts, it is crucial to have and activate plans for business continuity and disaster recovery, to audit risk calculations and to have plans for incident response. 

For this to happen, a collaboration between all departments within your organization is required. IT discipline, knowledge and IT hygiene as well. You need to have insight into the latest threats and events on your system to be able to resist attacks and disasters. You also need to put all these elements in context with your business organization. 

So, if you already manage information security, contact us, maybe we can suggest /offer improvements. If you do not manage information security and / or do not have sufficient resources, we offer a complete organization of information security and application of technical solutions by respectable world manufacturers of security equipment.

Let us help you welcome the next crisis situation ready and organized. 

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