Civil protection

In all crisis situations that lead to the endangerment of the civil population, the priority is rapid and appropriate reactions in the shortest possible time.

All information for assessing the level of readiness is unified at a single location, including available power and resources, specifically referring to people as well as material and technical resources including legal entities for effective action in case of a catastrophe at the level of local self-government.

The solution provides an overview of available civil protection members in real time with an analysis of readiness of forces, overview and analysis of undertaken activities and training performed by particular members.

The applications provide an unlimited number of analytical presentations, tabular reports necessary for the system.

The solution provides quick access to information for effective organization out in the field and organizing the necessary forces in crisis situations by generating mass mobilization calls and possessing a developed functionality linked to the formation of forces out in the field regardless of whether it is a drill or real intervention.

It contains all the relevant elements and updated information necessary for assessing risk/evaluation of endangerment.
It is also a tool for planning and simulation of possible catastrophes, planning and organization of training, exercises and raising the readiness of all forces.

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