The most innovative global solutions in the field of information security – Unisys Stealth!

It involves a unique security technology that increases data security, simplifies management and reduces dependency on physical infrastructures. Security does not imply the development of impenetrable fortresses, but the development of secure communities and associated secure zones (infrastructural microsegments) on the principles of minimal privileges and the secure community’s need to be aware of only certain business resources.

Unisys Stealth provides access based on trusted identities and hides all other connections and starting points from malicious organizations/individuals, because traffic within the microsegment/community of interest is encrypted and visible only to members of the same microsegment/community of interest.

This approach prevents a malicious individual/organization to see your critical business data and, given that they have no knowledge of it, it cannot be comprised.

Besides securing the terminal communication points, remote users, data centers and mobile devices such as smart phones compatible with iOS and Android systems, Stealth also provides audit traceability and hence achieves compliance with regulations such as PCIDSS, GDPR, ISO 27001/27002 and the NIS Directive.

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