EXUS is the only debt collections technology vendor that guarantees improvement in business results. Using advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities it lets you prioritize collections activity, driving payments in a shorter timeframe, while remaining compliant.

Our award-winning software, EFS, supports the entire debt lifecycle providing automation of routine processes and tasks and supporting customer interaction through traditional and digital channels. It offers a powerful decision-making engine that is powered by business rules and analytics, incorporating a rich set of metrics without the need of custom development or the need for ongoing IT support. Its high degree of configurability puts you in a better position to meet changing business environments, regulatory requirements and more.

By selecting EFS, you will be able to increase your customers’/debtors’ lifetime value, reduce total costs to serve and increase profitability by balancing the needs of the customer with the needs of the business at every customer touchpoint. You will manage to turn complexity into simplicity and reach a cost-effective compliant collections process focused on retaining the valuable customers that are such a crucial part of your business.

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